Mentor. What it really means.

Being a Mentor means, that you have a nice crown next to your name. It’s a status symbol for many who just wear it to look pro.

2016-02-23 Mentor 02

In fact, in the first months it was hard to even get into the Novice Network. But once you’re in, you see something like this:

2016-02-25 Mentor 01

Nowaday with the “getting kicked when afk for a while” function, it’s of course a lot better than before. Usually, someone asked a question and 3-6 people answered. So while I was still thinking or typing, others answered already.

Right, maybe I should just try the Mentor roulettes to help people out in actual need.

Not long after, I joined a Sastasha run with really nice people who weren’t that new but we had a really great time!

2016-02-25 Mentor 02

After this success story, I was really motivated and requeued.

Big mistake.

I got into an Odin party.

This picture sums it up really well:

2016-02-25 Mentor 03

In the end, I just stood there, waiting to finally die…

It was devastating and people just wouldn’t listen or evade AOEs or DPS or not stand in AOEs or deal more damage. Eventually, it was too much to take and after an unsuccessful Vote Abandon, I just left. I felt very sorry for the group but I wasn’t willing to stick to a group for 1-2h while seeing no progress.

After that, I never really queued again for Mentor roulette as I was worried that the horror would repeat.

I also didn’t put up my mentor flag ever since >.<;


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