Moogle House: Roof top adventure

After reading into how other adventurers managed to get on top of their Mog Houses, I decided it was time that I tried it too.

It took about 1.2 hurs until I finally managed to Shukukukukuchikuku Ninja warp on top of my roof!

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 10

It was a great feeling! I finally had done it and I would never leave the roof ever again.

At least that’s what I swore to myself.

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 11

It was an impressive view and I stayed there all night and day.

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 12

This is my spot now. If someone wants something from me, they can come up here too! ò.ó

I’m the queen of the Mog House!

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 13

As it got late, I logged off. The next day when I returned, I found myself in front of my house.

My dreams were crushed and ever since I never again managed to climb on the roof.


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