Moogle House: Introducing house upgrades

As you surely know, my house is a Mog House.

Maybe more of a little Moogle Empire…

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 01

I mean, okay, it doesn’t have a compfy and romantic bed like Mag has.

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 02

And it doesn’t have the stylish Café with the Crystal tower as Mag has…

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 03

But it has super adorable stuff like my slime rug!

After obtaining several new housing items, I invited friends over.

If you dance in it, it’s like playing in puddles like everyone did as child! ö.ö

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 04

Trem and Mag inspected my new “P0rn lamp” aka Red Carby. The Mandragora Queen and her Eggplant knight were already cuddling next to it (°////°;)

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 05

Uziel also came buy but he slipped on the Slime rug….

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 06

…and directly fell into my bath tub.

That was absolutely not planned, I swear!!!!!!!11111

Please believe me? <.<;;

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 07

The lady friends were more impressed by the giant Moogle that had moved in with its little maid moogle. Every day I would refresh the orange offering and pray to their godly powers.

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 08

Eventually, it got a little weird…

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 09

Erm, right. And so I condluded my little house party…



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