Famous Ninja Princess attitude: “I’m fine on my own”

Do you know the kind of people who says, they are fine on their own but you absolutely know they are not?

The Ninja Princess is one of them.

2016-03-02 NIN 01

While we successfully recovered her heirlooms, I admitted that she was quite strong and capable.

But her attitude of doing everything on her own would soon bring her to a major advantage.

2016-03-02 NIN 02

She was kidnapped by the pirates who had stolen the heirlooms.

2016-03-02 NIN 03

Nobody could rescue her but one single hero.

A hero that looked like a potato from afar. But what a deadly one!

2016-03-02 NIN 04

Riiko Rinkoko, deadliest Potato of the Realm!

2016-03-02 NIN 05

Even the princess was surprised at my undefeatable skills.

2016-03-02 NIN 06

Oh, and there was the Princess’ worried but uncapable bodyguard who had followed me.

2016-03-02 NIN 07

We fought and I totally destroyed the bandits.

2016-03-02 NIN 08

In the end, the Princess and her people were eternally indepted to me.

2016-03-02 NIN 09

It’s always good to have saved the life of a princess and have her favors on my side. You never know when that can come in handy again.

2016-03-02 NIN 10

And thus, my Ninja training was conluded!

2016-03-02 NIN 11


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