Grinding pays off: The Kirin Mount

After doing countless Extreme primals with countless friends, I finally obtained all elemental ponies.

They don’t really look cool when you use them as a Lalafell because their legs are so short that you think something is wrong with them. But I still wanted to get them all and especially the Kirin mount! ö.ö;

So the Elemental ponies called me to a meeting.

2016-02-29 Kirin 01

They praised my immense strength (more my luck?) and that was when suddenly, Kirin appeared.

2016-02-29 Kirin 02

I had imagined him a bit different and am still missing the Kirin beer dispenser, but hey, maybe it’s patched one day!

So Kirin praised how I had proven my worth and even Yoshida appeared and praised my great efforts! ö.ö

2016-02-29 Kirin 03

Finally, Kirin joined my team of mounts and I directly tested his performance.

2016-02-29 Kirin 04

His wings are pretty epic and impressive ö.ö

2016-02-29 Kirin 05

Despite all the grinding I’ve done, I still have yet to obtain the Nightmare pony. Maybe I’m such a pure soul that Eorzea doesn’t want me to have nightmares? ö.ö

Yes, that’s the only reasonable explanation! ò.ó;

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