Alexander Midas: Completion of the Codex?! (Alex Story Spoiler)

The city within Alexander was pretty mich owned by Menoaialasialilallalaa, the little pet cat of the Illuminati.

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 20

The area we entered had super dangerous spikes that were nearly as tall a a mountain!

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 21

Nevertheless, we manages to fight winthin the dangersous city of pierced adventurers.

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 22

We progressed quickly and soon left the awful cat and the spikes behind us.

Our path lead us into the lair of the Power Rangers!

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 23

Or something like that.

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 24

We weren’t very impressed and blew the enemy up as usual.

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 25

And finally, we reached the core that we were trying to find.

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 26

It was some really special core, I could feel the chills!

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 27

Or was it cause the Illuminati managed to obtain the last piece of the codex which the Au Ra girl had been holding onto?

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 28

I had a really bad feeling about what was gonna happen next.

The Illuminati had managed to capture Roundox and had connected her to a device that looked like the one that makes your hair curly and puffy.

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 29

But it was indeed a machine to control the yet incomplete codex.

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 30

The Illuminati Headquarter.

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 31

And then, they completed the codex with the piece obtained from the Au Ra loser.

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 32

Doesn’t look good o.o;

2016-02-24 Alexander Midas 33

I have no idea what happened next because Cid & Co decided it was not yet time to observe the happenings around Alex any further for now.

They didn’t even speak about trying to save Roundox! Can you believe that?!

And all that while lil Roundox, a little Goblin, is probably steering a giant Alexander Primal through the codex!

What could possibly go wrong?


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