Good Guy Dark Knight?

Mag became a Dark Knight way before me. It looked quite sinister but cool.

2015-06-19 DRK HW 01

I was told to look for a sinister dude in the ishgardian Brune.

That’s when I found some beggar who was being badmouthed by some guards. For starters, I scared the guards away.

2015-06-19 DRK HW 02

When I tried to share a cookie with the stranger, I suddenly got a headache and everything became blurry!

2015-06-19 DRK HW 04

That was when I heard a voice.

2015-06-19 DRK HW 05

No, I do not see! Everything is full of some red-black mist that impairs my eyesight! <__<;

2015-06-19 DRK HW 06

He apologized and asked me if I wanted to become a Dark Knight.

In order to convince me, he showed me his giant sword.

2015-06-19 DRK HW 07

I was convinced and started my first quest to save the Brume!

Some awful guards had taken a poor girl hostage and the habitants were clearly not strong enough to free her. So it was up to my new friend with the giant sword and me to save her.

2015-06-19 DRK HW 08

We fought through many waves of guards.

In order to not be recognized when Aymeric reads the reports of the soldiers, I put on a noob outfit. Nobody would ever recognize me!

2015-06-19 DRK HW 09

In the end, we saved the girl and brought her back to her family and friends.

Guess we’re something like good guy dark knights?


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