Protector of the stolen sword (PLD)

After I decided to skip my Monk career, I went to my Paladin trainer and asked him if he had some training for me.

Sure he had!

2015-06-19 PLD HW 01

There were some new recruits I could train for them.

“kthx, Warrior of the Light, pretty sure you have nothing better to do anyway!”

2015-06-19 PLD HW 02

I was really not amused, but on the other hand, I couldn’t look awful in front of the Sultana’s paladins.

2015-06-19 PLD HW 04

In the end, I found out that everyone was training in order to get some sword back.

2015-06-19 PLD HW 05

I suggested, I buy them a sword with esoteric tomes that would surely be stronger than what ever sword they had lost ages ago.

They were not amused.

So I quit and decided to become something better than awful paladins who don’t want great/decent weapons.


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