One Punch Riiko

I tried to continue my Monk career. Punching stuff was quite fun, so I checked with a veteran Monk.

He already had two apprentices though…

2015-06-19 MNK HW 01

In order to see if I was worthy to become an apprentice for advanced training, I was to take care of the youngsters for a day.

They did more praising their master than actual fighting. <.<;

2015-06-19 MNK HW 02

I felt like back in the days when I had to babysit the lil Sylphie girl as part of my White Mage training.

And here I was, sitting with my amazing punch power, regretting my choices.

2016-05-19 MNK 03 - One Punch Riiko Paint

Guess I will just leave my master and his fanclub to themselves and do my own basic training to become a One Punch Master.

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