Ninja Lala Training

I trained hard to become a Ninja with flashy skills and deadly power.

2016-01-29 NIN 01

I also trained to not be seduced by suddenly seducive ladies.

2016-01-29 NIN 02

My teacher on the other hand didn’t keep his cool that easily…

2016-01-29 NIN 03

We also fought some former fellow pupil and now arch-enemy of my teacher: Karasu. (Crow)

2016-01-29 NIN 04

He was kinda crazy and even used the same face paint as Emper O.O;;

2016-01-29 NIN 05

During one of our fights, he exploded.

2016-01-29 NIN 06

But was he actually dead?

We did not find his remains…

2016-01-29 NIN 07

Now, my teacher was all shaken. I had to help him get back to his path.

2016-01-29 NIN 08

I also took him on a long Ninja Turtle trip.

2016-01-29 NIN 09

On this trip, we discovered some shady business.

2016-01-29 NIN 10

I directly knew that Ninjas were involved cause those shady merchants were moving way too quietly!

2016-01-29 NIN 11

Turns out, Gekkai, my teacher’s old master and leader was one of them.

He’s like a scumbag who sold the services of the Ninjas to the Garlean Empire in order to survive hard times.

2016-01-29 NIN 12

My teacher was angry so we fought him.

2016-01-29 NIN 13

In the end, we easily defeated the old ninja.

2016-01-29 NIN 14

Karasu showed up again, looking like a normal dude. He was all like, “told you so!” and left to start a normal life.

2016-01-29 NIN 15

My teacher and me on the other hand met some Ninja princess.

2016-01-29 NIN 16

She was punching up some burglars who tried to attack her.

2016-01-29 NIN 17

She and her butler were actually trying to reclaim a stolen hairloom of their village.

2016-01-29 NIN 18

But like every spoiled princess, she was convinced, she didn’t need any help.

Fair enough, do it yourself.

2016-01-29 NIN 19

Unfortunately, my master kept dragging me into these situations where I had to support the princess in order to not look awful.

2016-01-29 NIN 20

It’s hard to say what our priorities should be. Helping a princess who doesn’t want to be helped? Why not teach her a little lesson that she won’t forget and let her fail, then save her? Yeah, let’s do it.

2016-02-18 NIN 01

And so we did!

2016-02-18 NIN 02

The princess became more cooperative and asked for our help.

Success story of my life. I’m prepared to become a great teacher myself ò.ÓV

2016-02-18 NIN 03

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