Shoot, Riiko, Shoot!

How I became a Machinist?

Well, it’s quite easy. I joined the Machinist’s Guild and supported them with their current issues.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 01

First, I had to guide the top people of the guild to La Noscea.

There, they met some pirate dude.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 02

When they were menaced, the lil wallflower girl pulled her gun and nearly created a bloodbath! @.@;;

2015-06-19 MCH HW 03

Luckily, I could avert the crisis with my Lalafell cuteness.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 04

After this adventure, they handed me a gun and told me to shoot things.

So I did.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 05

After some practise, I fought against that pirate dude.

Of course he was massive so I had an easy time to make my bullets hit him. He on the contrary had a bad time to hit me with my small, slim and very flexible body.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 06

After winning the duel (and healing the poor lad afterwards), I met the guildmaster’s father. Some arrogant noble Elezen snob.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 07

We had to prove to the noble awful dad that the machinists do make a difference and that the guild should not be shut down. So the leader wanted to scavenge old magitek parts in order to make a really cool flying turret for me.

I offered to introduce them to Cid, Biggs and Wedge, but somehow they did not want any help. <.<; Okay, there goes my epic magitek turret…

2015-06-19 MCH HW 08

I practised a lot and took some fashion advice from Loxie during my trainings.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 09

An other day, I received a special training. I was to run through Ishgard and whenever I see unjust behaviour, I was to shoot the evil person in the butt.

It was more fun that it should be…

2015-06-19 MCH HW 10

Some time later, we helped out in fending off dragon attacks in Dragonhead.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 11

An awful noble Elezen rival dude appeared and talked big, but he was a total loser. I really don’t like these arrogant kids who think they are something. But they are not.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 12

In the end, the leader’s dad said, he’d acknowledgethe worth of the machinist’s guild under one condition: They had to win a match against the arrogant Elezen boy.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 13

Bring it on!

2015-06-19 MCH HW 14

And so, we waited for the battle to start…

2015-06-19 MCH HW 15

Thanks to my butt-shoot-training I was well prepared and knew exactly what to do! ò.óV


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