The Path of the Warrior (THE TRUTH!!)

I’ve followed the path of the warrior. Now it is time to tell you the truth about what true warriors do all day.

2015-06-19 WAR HW 01

For starters, as you can see, Warriors are typically huge Rogadyn men with heavy armor.

There are exceptions – like myself.

2015-06-19 WAR HW 02

The most favorite location are the hot springs of Camp Bronze Lake. (They are the best hot springs in Eorzea!)

2015-06-19 WAR HW 03

A frequent enemy are the Sahagin.

2015-06-19 WAR HW 04

Sometimes, one of the Roga Warriors go Berserk cause they cannot handle the overpowered power.

2015-06-19 WAR HW 05

With my cute face, I usually calm them down quite fast. Who could hurt such an innocent person like me? ö.ö;;

2015-06-19 WAR HW 06

After successful trainings, they celebrate my heroism. (You could be me if you followed the path, too!)

2015-06-19 WAR HW 07

Afterwards, another visit at the hot springs is due.

2016-02-16 WAR 02

For dinner, some Kobolts are slain and used for cooking a stew.

2016-02-16 WAR 03

And that’s my Warrior training day.

It was a long and very harsh path, but now I’m a fully overpowered Warrior! I even have a sinister demon outfit:

2016-02-16 WAR 01


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