BRD: Searching for a song

I continued my Bard carreer and was referred to some people in the Shroud.

2015-06-19 BRD HW 01

Not sure how I ended up where I ended up but in the end, I accompanied a lancer and an other bard to Ishgard…

2015-06-19 BRD HW 02

There, they did some research about a super unique song.

The bard was convinced that he could compose the song himself.

The lancer was convinced that the song already existed somewhere out there.

2015-06-19 BRD HW 03

That could only result in trouble…

We saved some guards from polar bears.

2015-06-19 BRD HW 04

And we played post moogle by delivering messages to the guards we had just saved.

2015-06-19 BRD HW 05

And thus, we had saved a father-to-be!

What would have happened if I hadn’t pursued the path of the bard at that exact time?

Right, the guards might have been killed and the kid would have been without a father.

I’m such a hero! ö.ö

2015-06-19 BRD HW 05-2


2015-06-19 BRD HW 06

The lancer, the bard and be traveled through Dravania next.

2015-06-19 BRD HW 07

Of course there was some chocobo hunter survey team that needed rescue.

2015-06-19 BRD HW 08

I’m such a hero ö.ö

2015-06-19 BRD HW 09

My bardventures will continue but for now, I shall bathe in the joy of being such an awesome hero ò.óV


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