Things that only happen while waiting for the next patch

It was time for a little makeover.

So I got a new outfit and a new hairstyle!

2016-02-20 Riiko Outfit change

After all, it was just one day till patch 3.2!

(Yes, this is how far the blog is behind! >___< )

I decided to sit down on a bench in Ishgard, when suddenly, the lovely girls Ley, Cayu, Loxie and Chelci decided to join me!

2016-02-22 Waiting for 3-2 01

It didn’t take long and also Mag and Nez sat down.

We all just sat there, chatted funnily and hung out together.

2016-02-22 Waiting for 3-2 02

Something like this only happens on the day before Patches, when nobody has anything to do.

Over time, others came by to see what was going on!

2016-02-22 Waiting for 3-2 03

While he surely thought, he was super sneaky and nobody would notice, I could clearly see the Duke lurking around nearby ò.ó

2016-02-22 Waiting for 3-2 04

All in all, it was like the most enjoyable day in ages!

I just wish more people would come and join random get togethers for just chatting and trolling around.


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