Ley’s and Cayu’s Eternal Bonding Part 3

We danced and celebrated and danced even more.

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 24

Mag put on his hot outfits.

I couldn’t help but staring at his fabulous tummy!

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 25

It kinda got so hot that I lit the fireplace with my desire for Mag! °////°;;

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 26

As it got late and the guests slowly started to leave, I snuck into the bathroom in order to “have a wee look” at the newly wed couple…

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 27

I surely didn’t expect them to find me! >.<;;

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 28

I pretended, I suddenly fell asleep and they put me to bed.

That was nice until Mag decided to join me. He’s kinda heavy sometimes >.<;;

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 29

When I couldn’t bear his heaviness anymore, I got up again.

That’s when I realized that Ley was ready for the wedding night.

Would be best if we left the two alone…

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 30

So we took all remaining guests and left the estate.

Congratulations to your Eternal Bond!

May the Moogle salways watch over you :D

A day later, they sent everyone a thank you card! ö.ö How thoughtful. <3

2016-02-07 Cayu Ley Wedding-Thank you


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