Ley’s and Cayu’s Eternal Bonding Part 1

It was finally time for the celebration we had all waited for so long!

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 01

We gathered in front of the cathedral and as I heard that Cayu loved Moogles, I put on my elegant Moogle Costume.

Cayu loved it! Mission accomplished! ò.ÓV

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 02

There weren’t that many attendees but we were a funny bunch of people. Even some serious raid friends from Ley were present! @.@;;

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 03

We then waited for the ceremony to start.

As you might remember, I made it my task to have secret security all over the place to keep the ceremony safe. While I can’t tell you who my secret bodyguards were, I can give you the hint that I certainly looked like their boss that day.

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 04

And then they arrived!

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 05

The musicians accompanied the couple along the aisle and spread music of joy and happiness.

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 06

The two cats looked so excited. Little did they know the bodyguards surrounded them at all times ò.óV

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 07

When they reached the altar, they had prepared speeches for each other.

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 08

OMG, so cheesy. But cute!

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 09

And now Ley also had to hold a speech…. I got surely impatient!

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 10

2016-02-07 Wedding Ley Cayu 11

When they finally finished, the Moogle leading the ceremony searched the altar for the rings. He didn’t lose them, did he?!


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