Chelci, the Lalafell

I would like to give you the most amazing news in years!

The Lalafell population in our FC and LS has increased! /throwsconfetti

Chelci has become a Lalafell:

2016-02-07 Chelci Lala 01

At her birth she was still a lil naked, but soon, she put on her beautiful clothes and just looked astonishingly cute.

Mag and me inspected her round tummy, adorable ears and nose, as well as her adorable cheeks. She was really a Lalafell!! ö.ö

2016-02-07 Chelci Lala 02

She seemed to really enjoy her new life as the most cute and most treatened race in Eorzea!

2016-02-07 Chelci Lala 03

Welcome to the Lalafell Empire that will soon rule the world! \(^_^)/

May I quote her very own words that I in no way made up:

“At first, I was unsure if I would like the Lalafell life, but let me tell you: it is amazing! In no time I was invited to a Lalafell only Linkshell and gained a bunch of new Lalafell freinds. I’m frequently getting petted or threatened, which is very entertaining. I feel like being part of a greater community that was hidden right in front of my eyes before! Being a Lalafell enlightens my life and I recommend everyone to join the Lalafelldom too.” – Chelci


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