My first experiences as a Mentor

The mentor/new adventurer system was finally implemented and I was allowed to become a mentor.

Of course I had to read a long list of rules and paragraphs…

2016-02-23 Mentor 01

I accepted and became a mentor!

Now, I would be able to join what’s called the “Novice Network”. It’s like a linkshell for mentors and new adventurers.

Mentors can invite the new adventurers who are interested and preferably no bots in order to chat with them, give advice and even team up to help them with content.

I#d be super helpful and everything!

2016-02-23 Mentor 02

Or so I thought cause the first thing I experienced for the first weeks looked more like this.

2016-02-23 Mentor 03

It appears when zoning too.



Rubbing it under your nose. “You shall not pass!”

Once you managed to sneak in, there are like 10 mentors for each new adventurer online and questions are answered by at least 3 people.

Please note: There now was a patch to turn off and on the Novice Network manually as Mentor, so maybe it’s becoming better now. <.<;



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Thyla Cassandra
    Mar 31, 2016 @ 09:38:17

    Yeah, it became a lot better with the new feature. There are only 30ish mentor in the channel. Go teach those novices some fruitful advices.



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