WHM Relic of Light

After weeks, maybe even months of farming roulettes, beastmen dailies and other horrible stuff, I had finally collected 80 items and bought 16 crafted HQ items.

While you might know that I’m rather greedy, I gathered the ingredients from Diadem for the crafted items, sold them and thus didn’t even lose much money! The rest was sponsored by other sales that I was pushing ò.óV

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 01

Finally, my relic weapon was upgraded by Gerold and the newbie.

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 02

It looked gorgeous.


It finally looked GOOD! ö___ö

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 03

Yes, even the gods would be jealous of my lovely cane!

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 04

*insert the sounds that flashing light makes*

By touching the new relic, I felt an enormous holy power flowing through my body. It felt like my darkest side was washed away like it had never existed.

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 05

I was posing like a cool hero, when suddenly…

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 06

I had a halluscination.

Or was it a godly vision?

I saw a fairy of light!

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 07

It flew around the relic and around Gerolt and the noob but they didn’t see it at all.

How do you not see a flashing lightball that is shining RIGHT INTO YOUR FACE?

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 08

Anyway, it thanked me.

I wasn’t sure for what though.

Was this entity born through my countless battles that I had fought with the weapon? Ir did I capture it from somewhere and Gerolt had locked it into the weapon?

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 09

Either way, I was eager to have long conversations with my newly found invisible to others firend.

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 10

And thus, I had to dye my hair in new colors in order to fit to my new weapon.

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 11

When Mag wanted to congratulate me, he was all like:

“Whaaaaaaat? Something bad happened to you that your hair got all old and grey?”

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 12

I was not amused but I was sure he would soon see the awesomeness of my godlike new look ò.óV


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