A Wedding invitation, Uzi’s gody appearance and Loxie’s fashion

One day, out of nowhere, Ley was like “come here, I have somet for you”.

Of course I expected a muffin, some chocolate or any similar item.

But it was something inedible!

Something even more amazing.

2016-01-29 Wedding Ley Cayu 01

An invitation to her bonding ceremony with Cayu!! ö.ö

I congratulated them and was all excited for the amazing event!

2016-01-29 Wedding Ley Cayu 02

That was when I suddenly ran into the greek god Uziel who was blessing me with his unique god outfit.

This could only mean that the engagement wa sblessed by the gods!

2016-01-16 Uziel 01

When Uzi noticed me, he quickly changed into his beastly outfit. His Dragoon lookes less like a dragon and more like an Amalj’aa. o.o; Was was that supposed to tell me?

Even gods can be dangerous.

2016-01-16 Uziel 02

Guess I had to make sure the wedding was well protected. ò.ó I had to arrange a top secret security system that I cannot talk about any more cause it’s top secret.

Next, I met with Loxie for fashion advice.

As usual, Loxie was very skin-showing, yet she looked rather savage in her wild outfit.

2016-02-14 gpose Ishgard Rii Loxie

In her house, we prayed to the gods of awfulness to give us beautiful outfits to fit the wedding.

2016-02-19 Housing Loxie 01

It didn’t work out too well and I am certain, I will not ask Loxie for fashion advice again <__<

2016-02-19 Housing Loxie 02


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