Dark Deeds

As darkness overcame me, the Black Mage in me awoke. I trained day after day and became stronger than ever before.

My nukes one-shotted all the enemies I fought!

Of course I would maily level by doing beastmen quests so, obviously those weak foes would die by just looking at them.

2016-01-10 BLM 01

After I suceeded to become the most amazing Black Mage in the world whose DPS is about the same as that of a Warrior, I decided to reconsider my career choices.

Instead, I gabe Mag some ideas and he designed his entrance area in his house in preparation of our world domination project, codename “Muffin”.

2016-01-10 Housing Mag 01

We had it all prepared, when Mag appeared through the dark portal: Beautiful maidens were aiwaiting him to serve him.

2016-01-10 Housing Mag 02

That done, we decided to help out on T13 clears.

Emper and his amazing black eye stripe told me his deepest secret: The stripe allowed him to see better, prevent blindness and it actually increases his Accuracy!

So that’s why I have such a bad accuracy as Healer <.<; I’m missing the stripe in my face.

2016-01-11 T13 Help run

Later, Mag, Loxie and me successfully duoed different enemies.

We were always very successful.

The Dark side increased our power and death meant nothing to us.

Obviously, as the darkness was the strongest in Mag, he would survive almost anything!

2016-01-16 Ex Primals 01

When the fight got a bit tight against ADS after pulling slightly too early and failing rot management, Mag was the last man standing once more.

Please ignore that he’s the only male adventurer in our team in this context!

These fights resulted in me enjoying to say “I saw a video of a Warrior that soloed this before”.

2016-01-16 Ex Primals 02

Sometimes, Mag gets mad at me for saying it. But I swear, I saw a video of a WAR soloing this fight before! >.<; Especially Titan Ex.

Actually, only Titan Ex, not the other fights… <.<;

Who cares for minor details!!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Thyla Cassandra
    Mar 30, 2016 @ 09:33:16

    I saw a vid of a warrior solo T4! And I failed miserably.



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