The Dark Side of Riiko

You surely wonder why in the previous post about the Valentione’s event, I suddenly have white hair when I just changed to Black-Blue.

It was actually the WHM Relic that dragged me out of the darkness and released the Good in me once more.

With the black hair, I became like a little demon. I seduced all the cool Lalas in the world. So, only Mag.

2016-01-11 Rii Hairstyle 01

I became super cool and onle stood next to the most coolest people.

2016-01-11 Rii Hairstyle 02

Mag and me traveled Eorzea and beat down anyone who tried to stop us “o_´´o That’s why there is nearld nobody left in town anymore!

2016-01-11 Rii Hairstyle 04

We also frightened all Beastmen tribes by our menacing dances.

They gave us loads of Materia for free and begged us to leave asap.

2016-01-11 Rii Hairstyle 03

Then, I decided to hand in me BRD Zeta weapon and get a SMN relic book. Obviously only the “noob” version without the 80 hand-ins + 8 crafted items for which I was still farming.

2016-01-10 Relic SMN 01

Mag and me looked more sinister than ever before!

2016-01-10 Relic SMN 02

We were ready to conquer the world and build our Lalafell Empire.

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