Anima Weapons: A Grind Reborn

I really love how the people of the land are toying with us.

When I just finished my WHM and BRD Zeta Relics, they offered a new weapon called “Anima Weapon”. They reassured me, that this would become the most strongest weapon ever seen in all Eorzea.

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 01

I was all like: Sure, I’m totally in for that….. <___<;

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 02

That was until some lady that was supposed to give me some rare crystals, wanted something in return.

Was saving Eorzea from Bahamut not enough?

Obviously not.


2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 03

She offered me that I could farm like 12 awful crystals or somet by doing FATEs in all Heavensward areas. You could call it Atma Reborn.

I declinded and handed her my old WHM Zeta weapon. It wasn’t that pretty anyways.

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 04

I got a white and a dark crystal and handed them to Gerold and the other youngling who was working for Rowena.

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 05

They crafted me some new weapon.

“new weapon”

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 06

It looked 100% like the one that could be bought for Esoteric tomes from Rowena’s girls in Idyllshire.


That was when I suddenly had a weird feeling of being watched.

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 07

A little spirit or something was floating in front of me and I heard a voice whispering to me.

I could have sworn it said “muffins… give me muffins…”!

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 08

And I’m sure it was a man’s voice.

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 09

So the question was…

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 10

Anyway, the quest continued and I had to procure a few items so that the two crafters could upgrade my weapon.

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 11

“a few items”

By now they nerfed the crafted items so that you don’t need to be a Specialist anymore to make them but they still need all those awful ingredients from Diadem.

This would be a long farm, I thought, but once I went in there with some buddies from EA, I realized how fast it actually was!

Thanks to a few tips from Trem, the fishing of flying dinosaurs was an easy thing to do!

2015-12-16 Relic 3-0 Anima 12

I was finished in no time and only needed some crafters who could HQ these items.

And as I was getting impatient and the ingredients were kinda selling high-ish too, I decided to sell them and just buy the HQ items.

So the long grind of 12 beastmen quests every day, DR EX and various other Roulettes for tomestones began.



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