New PLD skill testing: Divine Veil

So some months ago, Mag learned a new spell (it might be an ability, not sure). When that spell activates, the whole party (or those nearby at least) will receive a shielding buff that stacks with Stoneskin and Glavalize.

2015-11-30 PLD skill testing 01

So I wanted to test which shield will be used up first.

I know for sure that Glavalize will be used before Stoneskin.

But what about the Divine Veil effect?

We tested it by putting all buffs on me and attacking an enemy.

2015-11-30 PLD skill testing 02

Unfortunately, all buffs wore off at the same time due to the quite high damage…

We were like…. Screw this, you awful enemy!!… and proceeded to slay the foe.

2015-11-30 PLD skill testing 03

Maybe we should test this another time… or does any of you know what’s used up first?


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