Small Adventures: Landscapes, Gathering, Verminion, Stars, Thavnairian Beauties

There are a lot of small adventures that don’t really need one single blog post. Instead, I’d like to sum them up in this mega-post!

First of all, there are amazing landscapes that I like to take pictures of. With my new graphics card I can see so far and so many details, it was a whole new experience! ö.ö

2015-06-12 Landscapes 02

Ishgard at night. Beautiful.

2015-06-12 Landscapes 01

But only until the Fat Cat Primal appears! Hehehe~

2015-07-13 Fat Cat Primal

The following picture was taken in 2013 at the beginning of my adventures. Ever since then I have it in my folder “use as needed” but never used it. Back then, I was so impressed by the dead Gobbue that was not burnt or burried, but instead left where it had died. So now there are plants growing all over him, becoming one with the nature again.

Have you ever discovered this Gobbue?

2013-09-03 nature gobbue discovered

Gathering and crafting Collectibles is a big thing now. I’ve spent hours gathering and crafting these lovely things. Yet, I haven’t come too far. While I own all Master 3 books, I only have 2 Master 4 books so far… And I can’t craft Lv60 3-star recipes as I miss more than 100 Craftsmanship and Control for those… Highly doubt that food gives that much. XD (@Thy: If you read this, no, I won’t replace my penta-melded i150 HQ gear, I’ll just wait some months and get gear that’s a lot better and super easy to get then ò.óV)

2015-06-21 Gathering Collectibles 01

There was some japanese site where you can make your own FFXIV Character Card.

As you can see from the stats, it’s a pretty old one. By now, most classes/jobs are at lv 60.

2015-07-09 Riiko Character Card

Lord of Verminion.

I thought this was gonna be THE battle that I would do every day, every week, join all the tournaments.

It was fun fighting the challenges against CPU.

2015-11-10 Verminion 01

But then, during the first tournament, I was overrun by an incredibly huge Mandragora gang.

Fair enough, I was new and this can happen. So I tried this strategy myself.

I miserably failed. After 3 losses with different strategies I gave up. Guess I’ll never obtain those minions that you get from Verminion achievements T_T

2015-11-10 Verminion 02

Idyllshire is THE town to meet people nowadays.

I found the Elezen artist Vergiliaux who is painting amazing FFXIV art ö.ö

2015-11-22 Vergiliaux

And then, there is Denmo. The most bearded Lala in all Eorzea.

2015-12-05 Denmo

Surely there are also people like the always-showing-her-skin-Loxie.

2015-12-19 Idyllshire Loxie Riiko Thav

And Chocolate-Ley.

2015-12-19 Ley Riiko Thav 01

I tried to learn elegant and hot dances from Ley.

2015-12-19 Ley Riiko Thav 02

But then we were interrupted by Psi who suddenly entered half-naked.

2015-12-26 Psi 01

I was all like: “No, don’t stare…!! Don’t….”

2015-12-26 Psi 02

Didn’t work out. Unfortunately, he left after a minute or so and I had nothing to stare at anymore. :\ Fortunately, he left the house quickly in an appropriate manner and dressed. About time!

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  1. Thyla Cassandra
    Mar 18, 2016 @ 15:48:58

    I doubt we get new gear for a while. It reminds me of when 3.2 was released. My static leader was mad at the stats for the 3 star, saying he was so far, pentamelded then he ask me the stats of my highest crafter. I answer and he is what!! How can you have 857 craftsmanship. Don’t move, I need to check your gears



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