Mag’s epic Trollhut

It’s probably old news for you but Mag has bought his very own house!

It was at the end of December when old houses got demolished. He chose a lovely small cottage in the Goblet whith a spectacular view into the foggy valley surrounding the Goblet.

2015-12-25 Mags House 01

Here are the house’s details:

2015-12-25 Mags House 02

I was of course there when the house was finally build!

2015-12-25 Mags House 03

At first, I let him do whatever he wanted with the house. Can’t interrupt the creativity of the owner, right?

But then it got out of hand and it started to look like… really girly.

2015-12-25 Mags House 04

So I had to take some counter measures and crafted Mag all sinister items!

2015-12-25 Mags House 05

His neighbours are still a problem. Some of them are a little loxy, so they will try to wear as few clothes as possible.

2015-12-25 Mags House 06

The other day, when I returned to the house, thinking maybe I could work on the interiour, I was welcomed by a little army.

2015-12-25 Mags House 07

Nothing to do here! It looks perfect and very Mag-like ö.ö

From time to time, Mag and me sit together and try to make Mag’s basement look cooler. It’s not that easy cause Mag has extravagant wishes. @.@;



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