Fishy Fisher

As an amazing adventurer, I’m also well known at the Fisher’s Guild. Other fishers come to me, wave and are happy when they can get a glimpse at my awesomeness. Just like little Fisher cat Loxie:

2015-06-19 FSH HW 01

I am a legend for all Fishers. Some random fisher approached me the other day and acted, like I saved his world.

Spoiler Alert: I saved Eorzea on many occasions before, not only some minor fishies.

2015-06-19 FSH HW 02

Anyway, that fisher invited me to Ishgard. There, he didn’t even own some store or anything, he was just hanging out in the Tavern all day!

What a slacker!

2015-06-19 FSH HW 03

So, I was to catch some fishies for some client.

And they loved my freshly procured fish!

2015-06-19 FSH HW 04

Also the Vanus loved the fishies I bought and brought them.

2015-06-19 FSH HW 05

You wonder how I became a master Fisher without even really fishing?

Well, check my post about my Botanist where I talk about Grand Company hand-ins. That’s how I’ve done it very successfully. ò.óV

Yet, all the people of the land thing of me as their master fisher who saved everyone! ö.ö

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