A useless Miner?

Also my Miner Guild Master sent me to Ishgard.

This is slowly getting old.

2015-06-19 MIN HW 01

I met with a group of soldiers whom I was to accompany. They were lead by a professor who was looking for some super rare minerals. While the group of soldiers was to protect us all, I was to procure the items.

2015-06-19 MIN HW 02

So we ventured forth into the Goblin territories.

2015-06-19 MIN HW 03

The professor told me where to gather and what to look out for.

Every now and then we were attacked by the local monsters.

2015-06-19 MIN HW 04

Suddenly, the coungest solider got scared by a Goblin and fell off a cliff.

2015-06-19 MIN HW 05

Luckily, it wasn’t very deep and he survived with a broken leg.

The goblin was actually just there to help me gather the items the professor was looking for…

2015-06-19 MIN HW 06

Still not sure why the soldiers were there. I mean, I’m basically a one-Lala-army and no monster tries to attack me when I’m gathering.

Except in the Diadem. <.<;

In the end I hadn’t done much to help the team. Yet they felt happy that I had been there and helped them out. XD


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