Riiko’s Favorite Animes: Fall 2015 + Winter 2016

I like Animes. A lot.

As I watch several animes each season mostly while playing FFXIV, I thought it might be a great idea to do an overview of my recommended animes from time to time. While many of you might not have the time to watch all the animes, it might help you look at new animes you might otherwise oversee.

I will always state my favorite anime of the season and then sort the animes by my very own rating. Of course I will only mention animes that I think are worth watching in the first place – or that I would watch a second time.

The pictures are linked from http://myanimelist.net/

Fall 2015

My season favorite: Soukyuu no Fafner: Exodus 2
Genres: Post-apocalyptic, Aliens, Mechas, Japan, Drama
Riiko’s Rating
: 10/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Must watch as soon as it’s released.
Riiko’s Comment: Epic, drama, tragedy, awesome mechas, plot twists!
Story: Earth was invaded by aliens which attack and assimilate humans. In this season, the special powers of the Fafner (mecha) pilots show their side effects and they fight vigurously for their lives. It’s pretty epic.
Previous Seasons are Soukyuu no Fafner, Soukyuu no Fafner: Heaven and Earth and Soukyuu no Fafner: Exodus

One Punch Man
Genres: Shounen, Fighting, Comedy
Riiko’s Rating: 9/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Do you like Shounen Series like Dragonball, One Piece and similar? Then this is THE series for you.
Riiko’s Comment: This is no regular Shounen Fighting Series.
Story: Saitama is an ordinary, lazy guy. One day, he realizes, he should do more with his life, so he starts training. He becomes so strong that he can beat any enemy with one punch. Yet, he struggles in life.

GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 1+2
Genres: Military, Fantasy
Riiko’s Rating: 8/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: If you like either Fantasy or Military series, you’ll like it. Don’t need to like both!
Riiko’s Comment: I don’t particularily like military series but this one is amazing. Might look like a typical “pretty girls series” (it does have fan service!) but it’s quite different thanks to its story and characteristics of the characters. -2 rating as a few episodes are too focused on military/politic stuff and not much is happening. It’s currently still airing.
Story: A gate opens in the middle of Japan, letting dragons and Goblin armies into the town (was probably Tokyo). The soldier Itami witnesses it while he’s on his way to some anime convention. Now, soldiers are sent through the gate where they enter a typical fantasy world with elves, animal-humans, magic and middle-aged technology. This is the start of the struggle to make peace between the two worlds.

Noragami Aragoto
Genres: Japanese Gods, Fantasy, Daily Life
Riiko’s Rating: 8/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Serious and funny series, sometimes quite dramatic.
Riiko’s Comment: 2nd season of Noragami. Watch if you like japanese gods!
Story: The more people believe in a god, the more powerful it becomes. Gods wield weapons which can slay and banish phantoms which are deceased and tainted souls that attack people. This is the story about a god that people have almost forgotten.

Young Black Jack
Genres: Doctor, Drama, Prodegy
Riiko’s Rating: 7/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Watch if you like doctor series. There aren’t too many animes decent about that stuff out there!
Riiko’s Comment: Quite tragic doctor series. I think it’s a remake of a really old series based on a Manga ofc. I liked it but wasn’t sad that it was rather short.
Story: Young medicine student is a prodigy as surgeon. He has already operated people before he started studying. Due to the critical times during the Vietnam war, he ends up getting sucked into fights and tragedies and it’s up to him to save lives without a doctor liscence or to let people die.



Winter 2016

The winter 2016 series are currently airing. Their end depends on the number of episodes. 12 episodes means, the anime ends end of March, ca. 24 eps means till end of June and more means more! ò.ó;

My season favorite: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
Genres: Daily Life, School, Drama, Time Travel
Riiko’s Rating: 10/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Must. Watch.
Riiko’s Comment: Deep story, exciting all the way.
Story: A guy is living his life but sometimes he has deja vus. He travels back in time for some minutes and if he acts accordingly the 2nd time, he can prevent major accidents or even deaths. This is when he gets put back into his elementary school days, where several girls have been obducted and killed. He now tries to save his classmate.

Fairy Tail Zero
Genres: Shounen, Fantasy, Friendship
Riiko’s Rating: 9/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Like Fairy Tail? You will like this. You will also like it if you don’t know Fairy Tail.
Riiko’s Comment: Fairy Tail is created by a former assistant of the One Piece Mangaka so the styles are type of story is quite similar to One Piece. Many characters, lots of magic, lots of fighting, in-depths stories and quite some comedy. For sure it’s very worth watching!
Story: This is about how the guild Fairy Tail (from manga/anime “Fairy Tail”) was founded. I don’t know myself yet how it was founded as the anime is still ongoing and the characters that are known as founding members did not yet have the idea to create a guild themselves.

Dimension W
Genres: Robots, IT, coolness – idk!!
Riiko’s Rating: 8/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Thanks to the main character, it’s a really good anime! ö.ö
Riiko’s Comment: Good quality anime with a very interesting and dramatic story. Likes to not give answers to all questions right away so that you keep watching. I still don’t get what “coils” actually really are. <.<; You need to put some thought into it to understand things.
Story: A guy refuses to use coils and is working as a kind of hitman who steals illegal coils off people. Coils are like access points into some kind of internet-like dimension. The wole world is connected with these coils which also serve as endless energy source. If people misuse them or use illegal ones, bad accidents can happen, so this guy works to remove those illegal coils. He ends up working together with a robot girl (which can only work if her coil is switched on). It sounds awful but it’s cool.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2
Genres: Assassin, School, Daily Life, Alien
Riiko’s Rating: 8/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Nice anime to watch after work. It’s not too deep and you don’t have to put too much thought into it.
Riiko’s Comment: The first season was pretty awesome. This 2nd season is more about the students’ problems than to kill the teacher.
Story: The worst class of an Assassin School gets a new teacher. He’s an alien that will destroy Earth in a year – which is obviously top secret and nobody outside the class may ever know! So the pupils have one year to try and kill him. Yet, the teacher may not harm any of his students. He turns out the be the most amazing teacher anyone could hope for and he actually helps the pupils grow and develop.

Akagami no Shirayukihime 2
Genres: Shoujo, Romance, Drama, Royalty
Riiko’s Rating: 8/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: I love the Manga (which is way better than the anime) so I also watch the anime.
Riiko’s Comment: I like romances with strong-minded characters who fight for what they want to achieve with their own means.
Story: Shirayuki is a red-haired girl and as this is very rare at the time, she gets in a lot of trouble for it. While fighting for her freedom, she meets Prince Zen and ends up following him to court as an Apothecary assistant. This is about the love story that super slowly develops between them.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Genres: MMORPG
Riiko’s Rating: 7/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Should watch if you like MMORPG animes. It’s different and feels quite real.
Riiko’s Comment: While the anime is progressing quite slow and is rather sinister, it’s different from other MMORPG animes like Sword Art Online or Log Horizon. Whereas in all of them people are stuck ingame, this one feels like the game is actually real life.
Story: A group of young people wakes up in a world that is new for them. They have no memory of where they come from or how they got there. Now they have to get through life which means becoming adventurers, learning a class (healer, mage, thief, tanks etc) in order to fight in a party and earn money to live. Also, if you die, you are dead. There is no way to revive you.

Genres: Death, Immortal, Daily Life?
Riiko’s Rating: 7/10
Riiko’s Watch Recommendation: Interesting and different anime from what I’ve seen so far.
Riiko’s Comment: While I don’t particularily like the graphic style (computer animated anime / cell shade?), the anime itself and its story is so different that I thought it’s worth mentioning.
Story: A guy dies. He should be dead but he wakes up again. These “humans” who “revive” after they have died are called “Ajin” and are quite well-known. They are also not considered human and are taken in by the government where ruthless experiments are done on them. The guy now runs away, trying to escape the police, while getting involved with other Ajins.
EDIT: This anime was actually quite boring. Its style and story is different, but it’s only slowly developing and not too much is happening. Could have been told in way less time.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Thyla Cassandra
    Mar 12, 2016 @ 14:44:23

    I like Gate a lot, probably because I’m rather interested in politics and military. You tried Heavy Object?



  2. SPX
    Mar 14, 2016 @ 12:57:53

    Everything gets high scores. Where are the 0/10? ò.ó



  3. Ramzah
    Apr 03, 2016 @ 17:52:09

    You watch while playing? <.<
    I tryed that, but it dont work by me.
    Do you look Japanese with subs, or are they at least in english?



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Apr 03, 2016 @ 19:04:33

      Yes, I usually watch while doing rather repetitive things like daily beastmen quests and similar. It works quite well, even with japanese with subs. I mean, the anime is always on top of the screen above my game in the bottom right corner so I can see both so it’s fine! Only when intense fights happen I am not able to follow the series anymore T_T



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