My new Retainer

I was approached by my Botanist Master. A really lively Cat journalist had appeared and I was to take her to Coerthas for some research about Gysahl Greens.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 01

You can’t imagine how excited I was.

She was interviewing Botanists in the Cold in order to find out, how the greens were growing even in the harshest conditions.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 02

We ended up in Ishgard. They also had Gysahl Greens there so the reporter wanted to stay and investigate.

We met with a local Botanist who offered his support.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 03

The reporter snuck into Ishgard by using me. Basically, I had obtained a new retainer who was for free but didn’t actually store any goods for me. <.<;

2015-06-19 BTN HW 04

The next day, we met with the local Botanist in the Sea of Clouds and investigated the local Gysahl Green plants.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 05

I got bored and left the two to their research while I decided to adventure through the world and gather all the things.

At least once so that I can send my retainers gather them for me.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 06

Me on the other hand, I was more after the HQ items that I would hand in at my Grand Company for nice exp!

2015-06-19 BTN HW 07

So I gathered only the finest stuff just for those hand ins! ò.óV

2015-06-19 BTN HW 08

Some weeks later, I was called to the local Botanist.

The local authorities had heard about the Gridanian Gysahl Greens and were worried that their precious “pure breed” was stained.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 09

But when we showed them the completely differend greens, they were quite surprised.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 10

While looking really different, they were basically brother and sister.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 11

So once that was clear, the Botanist was allowed to plant both breeds, one in snowy and cold areas where it would survive and grow the best, and one in the warmer climates of the Sea of Clouds.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 12

And with this, my newly gained retainer went back to Gridania and I was known as the Botanist who brought the new Gysahl Greens to Ishgard! :D


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