Bearproof clothing

My Letherworker Guildmaster called me to her. She had received a letter form an old friend who had a leather clothes and shoes store in Ishgard and I was to help her out.

2015-06-19 LTW HW 01

So I went there and she asked me to make the finest shoes Gridanian style. They were something really new on the ishgardian market and would surely sell really well.

2015-06-19 LTW HW 02

So I made some really cool boots and the shop owner had a bard advertise them.

2015-06-19 LTW HW 03

It was kinda embarassing.

2015-06-19 LTW HW 04

After that, the store received so many requests, they could barely follow up.

A few weeks later, they asked me to make armor so flexible but strong at the same time, no enemy should be able to rip through it.

No problem.

I made the armor and they had some guy working for the store get hit by a bear in order to test it.

2015-06-19 LTW HW 05

The armor was bearproof. No claw could get through it and the guy stayed unharmed.

2015-06-19 LTW HW 06

But then the bear aimed for the guy’s unprotected head!!

2015-06-19 LTW HW 07

He ran for his life and the guards rushed to his aid.

2015-06-19 LTW HW 08

Of course, he was saved but he had suffered quite the shock.

If he had only let me craft some awful looking coif. it would have protected him and he wouldn’t have had run from the enemy. But no, the ishgardiands didn’t approve of coifs either.

2015-06-19 LTW HW 09

Anyway, this is how I became known in Ishgard as the bearproof Master-Letherworker from Gridania.

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