The Music Box

I was called to my Goldmithing Master as she had a quest for me.

While she was really happy to see me and my progress in goldsmithing…

2015-06-19 GSM HW 01

…Gigi on the other hand only had harsh words for me!

Some things just don’t change.

2015-06-19 GSM HW 02

I just left to meet the client. <.< Why don’t you do it yourself, Gigi?!!

It was a Lady Roga and actually a Gentleman Roga. Both wanted to give each other some present – but separately and not knowing the other one was preparing someting too.

2015-06-19 GSM HW 03

But what did they want? They couldn’t really state it but then, the Goldsmith Shop Owner had an idea:

2015-06-19 GSM HW 04

So I prepared a super lovely music box, wrapped it, and called both clients to the adventurer’s guild.

2015-06-19 GSM HW 05

There, they unwrapped the present and found a lovely music box that would play a meaningful song!

2015-06-19 GSM HW 06

They were so touched by it, that they forgot everything around them. So romantic ö.ö

2015-06-19 GSM HW 07

In the end, they thanked us for bringing them even closer together again.

Now what should I give Mag as present in order to spend some romantic time together? :O



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