Laziness Analysis: What would my blog look like without screenshots?

As many might know, I’m quite lazy.

This is why I like to search for ways to optimize my tasks at work or at home in order to spend as less time as possible on it while being as efficient as possible.

Now, as I’m lazy, I managed to have nearly no blog post last month. Most topics of which I have screenshots prepared are rather old and a little boring like the crafting quests. So it’s a bit of effort to write interesting stories to them.

I’m also very lazy to check my 6000 Screenshots, sort out the best ones, resize, rename and put them into blog posts.

As I like to procastinate this “task”, I was thinking: What would it be like to have no pictures in my blog AT ALL?!

Would it be great? Would it be bad?

I slowly start to feel like it was a bad idea. Now I have to write an interesting post that people actually keep reading.

And I have no ideas what to write.

This reminds me of GM Dave who had a blog about his work, his lovely wife and daughter. That was always fun to read. He had interesting and funny stories to tell.

Do I have interesting stories?


Do I remember them right now while writing this post?


Thanks for your support, brain.

All I can think of is a nice piece of Chocolate I prepared myself as reward for wiriting this.

And I’m gonna eat this now. “o_´´o

Please come back tomorrow for the next post.



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