Why I decided to only eat food that I really enjoy and like

Little Melkoko from the Restaurant in Limsa was in big trouble.

Her chef had become really over-confident and would andly cook whatever he wanted.

2015-06-19 CUL HW 01

So that’s the awful chef.

2015-06-19 CUL HW 02

And that’s an unhappy pirate-guest.

2015-06-19 CUL HW 03

The only solution was a big battle of the cooks to decide who is the best one. According to Melkoko, this would help her chef to realize he had still much to learn.

2015-06-19 CUL HW 04

So we organized some jury and I cooked some super tasty meal that he had to try. He was known as the really grumpy and picky jury person.

He praised my rival’s meal with 8/10.

2015-06-19 CUL HW 05

And then, he tried mine.


2015-06-19 CUL HW 06

He jumped up and rose his hands into the air.

2015-06-19 CUL HW 07

His face showed pure joy.

2015-06-19 CUL HW 08

He started floating in the 7th heaven with the starter meal flying above his belly. It was so delicate and refreshing!

2015-06-19 CUL HW 09

He continued to the main course and decided to have a nap on the really well cooked chicken breast with potatos and vegetables. Uniquely seasoned and wich a self-made sauce.

2015-06-19 CUL HW 10

The dessert…

For dessert, Moogles camy flying!

2015-06-19 CUL HW 11

It was so awesome, even the moogles wanted to eat my dessert!

2015-06-19 CUL HW 12

Together, they flew off into the 10th heaven of awesomely tasting food.

2015-06-19 CUL HW 13

Needless to say, the juror gave me 10/10 points.

My rival was crushed and he realized, he was still young and had a lot to learn.

I had only cooked my mom’s recipes. She’s such a good cook ö.ö

2015-06-19 CUL HW 14

In the end, the chef took off for a journey through the world in order to learn more.

Melkoko would miss him but she promised to wait forever – and a day – for him.

Sounded more to me like they were lvoers than work buddies… ö.ö

2015-06-19 CUL HW 15

And that was when I realized, if you have the choice you should always eat great meals. Why settle with something that tastes “alright” if you could have something really tasty that lets you fly into the heaven of tastyness?


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  1. tremainesworld
    Mar 04, 2016 @ 21:04:02

    That picture of the elvaan, the one that is displayed for the blog entry on facebook looks just like Kisuke Urahara from Bleach! I thought there was a strange Bleach, FFXIV crossover going on I didn’t know about!



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