How to train your Dragon as Carpenter

My Carpentry Guildmaster approached me with an unusual quest. He wanted me to make a spear.

Okay, very unusual. Not.

2015-06-19 CRP HW 01

Nevertheless I talked to my clients which happened to be in Ishgard.

2015-06-19 CRP HW 02

It seems I was to restore some old lance that was used by a former knight or something. An old buddy of him remembered the lance I was to restore.

Soon, I found the son of the owner of the lance. He was a Lancer himself and was training his son in Archery.

2015-06-19 CRP HW 03

The dad was suspicious of my skills so he first asked me to craft a bow for his son. They were a poor family but I didn’t want gil. I just wanted their thanks and support in possible future quests.

2015-06-19 CRP HW 04

The son wasn’t happy about the bow at all. He didn’t want to fight. Or that his dad fought.

The dragons had already killed his grandfather and he didn’t want to lose his dad either.

2015-06-19 CRP HW 05

But it was the dad’s decision how he lived his life. And to make peace with losing his own father (the son’s grandfather), he had to slay the dragon that had killed his father.

Together with the lil son, I observed the dad fight.

2015-06-19 CRP HW 06

It was just a little Wyvern but it was a big deal for the dad. Of course thanks to my lance he managed to kill the Wyvern.

2015-06-19 CRP HW 07

I decided to approach them on my very own Wyvern.

Just to troll them.

2015-06-19 CRP HW 08

They were slightly angry but I had my fun. XD



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