A Blacksmith opens the path to a new Future

One fine day, my Blacksmith Guildleader and me were approached by a Butler of a fine Elezen Lady from Ishgard.

He had big worries as his Lady loved to fight with her sword and was ptactising to enter an official tournament in Ishgard.

As he was unable to stop her, he wanted us to make her the finest armor and weapon possible.

2015-06-19 BSM HW 01

Of course we accepted and I was tasked with the crafting. Who else. <.<;

The butler still tried to keep his Lady off the fighting but she was stubborn and strong.

2015-06-19 BSM HW 02

In the end, he followed her to her training grounds, wearing the most ridiculous looking armor I had ever seen… <.<

2015-06-19 BSM HW 03

Yet, he asked me to craft a special weapon. I was to use parts of an old weapon that was used for generations (ur just by her dad) in his Lady’s family.

Of course, I restored it and enhaned it with the latest crafting specifications.

2015-06-19 BSM HW 04

The Lady was very happy about the sword and entered the tournament.

2015-06-19 BSM HW 05

She was strong-willed to win the battle.

2015-06-19 BSM HW 06

But there is only so much you can do when facing a clearly stronger enemy.

2015-06-19 BSM HW 07

She lost the battle and was devastated.

2015-06-19 BSM HW 08

That was, when a Temple Herald approached her.

2015-06-19 BSM HW 10

They wanted to recruit her as an apprentice squire!

After seeing the courage and skill of her performance, some Ser Handalalala had found interest in training her and making her into one of the finest knights – if she agreed.

2015-06-19 BSM HW 09

And so, I opened the path to a new future for the Lady, securing her family’s financial situation while giving her a chance to make her dream come true.


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