Adventurers need Armors

One fine day, I saw the Roga buddy from the Armorer’s guild with a bunch of other adventurers. He had joined a party with them and played the role… of a tank or something?

He was wearing his own armor but it was so bulky that he was barely able to move.

Needless to say, it wasn’t going too well.

2015-06-19 ARM HW 01

As he was highly devastated, I checked with our Guild leader. Why was the guy even trying to become an adventurer in the first place? His Armorwork was fine, and people of the land usually don’t respawn when they get defeated. Why risk it?

2015-06-19 ARM HW 02

The leader told me, it was the Roga’s dream or somet.

Anyway, I called the 4 party members to me and promised to supply them with good armor nevertheless.

2015-06-19 ARM HW 03

Also the Roga dude helped me and made a really fashionable and well-fitting armor for the Lancer Lady of his group.

2015-06-19 ARM HW 04

Every week they returned to us and asked for more gear as they continued their adventures.

2015-06-19 ARM HW 05

They got stronger and stronger. It felt so nostalgic watching them grow as it reminded me of my younger years. ö.ö

2015-06-19 ARM HW 06

Eventually the day had come when despair ruled their lives.

They had been defeated and nearly lost their lives.

2015-06-19 ARM HW 07

But I was able to encourage them and we crafted all brand new armor for them to strengthen them on their upcoming battles.

2015-06-19 ARM HW 08

Full of hope, newly gained strength and hope, they rushed off.

If I could only make people that happy every day and watch them grow! That would be amazing ö.ö


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