EuroAsylum challenges A1S

After failing at Thordan so much but with the stead progression we made in mind, we went into Alexander 1 Savage (A1S).

2015-12-19 Alexander A1S 01

We just wanted to see how it goes and if we were able to beat Faust.

We beat Faust with actually no real issue. I was impressed. It also meant that we dealt enough damage to beat the whole thing.

Someone told me, I did 1600 DPS on Faust as SMN. They assumed, it was due to Deathflare hitting the adds but upon more detailed analysis afterwards, the main damage was actually on Faust itself. ö.ö Can I grow an epeen now?

Anway, we proceeded to the actual boss.

Things died pretty quick. It was amazing.

Just replace “things” by “us”.

2015-12-19 Alexander A1S 02

We tried quite often, but eventually, the mechanics killed us to a point that we just gave up.

For now.

We’re just a mixed bunch of endgame raiders, casuals and wanna-be raiders like me.

I just wish there was raid content harder than Alex normal but easier than Alex savage. :\ That’d be perfect.

2015-12-19 Alexander A1S 03

On a side note, I would like to show a parse of one of our Thordan Ex runs. For privacy reasons, I changed the names to the jobs people joined as, except for mine. ò.óV

Was pretty proud to be 2nd DPS! ö.ö I even died a few times because mechanics. But hey, Summoner DoTs stay even if dead. Way to go, me!111


2015-11-28 Rii SMN i195 Thordan Ex noNames


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rhaqui Sarae
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 20:44:02

    Whoa, its cool you guys try Savage now~

    We’re sitting at 2 right now. The Enrage always barely gets us….
    My Raidleader showed me our AS1 Parse for the run this week.

    With a bit more practice you can do it! i’m sure /cheer



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