Quality of Life: Crafting, Gathering, Limit Breaks

On Twitter, a lot of japanese players post photoshopped pictures of their characters at the beach with water splashing around them.

I’ve done the same.

It looks awesome!!

2015-09-04 Riiko Splash

Gathering in Ayskszrzszs Lla.

2015-10-11 Gathering 01

BRD LB2. Suddenly I pull out my 2 Crossbows that I had kept hidden in my back pockets and shoot like there is no tomorrow.

2015-11-07 BRD LB 01


2015-11-07 Mag Riiko kiss


2015-09-23 Haurchefant 01

SMN LB3 is epic. I’m still not satisfied that I’ve never used it before.

2015-12-29 Mag SMN LB 01

It’s like super epic giant explosion!

2015-12-29 Mag SMN LB 02

My aim is to use LB3 as SMN and take cool pictures ò.ó

2015-12-19 Riiko SMN

The other day, I crafted loads of collectibles for the Maser 3 crafting books. Thanks to my new macros from the internet (slightly adjusted to my CP), it worked out perfectly.

2015-12-30 Crafting 01

And thus, I was able to craft cool stuff like Ifrit minions!! ö.ö

2015-12-30 Crafting 02

Too bad the horns are so expensive, or I could give them away like hot elezen ear soup.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tremaine
    Feb 04, 2016 @ 12:05:47

    Go Rii mastercraftswoman!



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