Quality of Life: The small things

Did you know that there are Goblins in Idyllshire that will interact with you?

2015-11-15 Idyllshire Dragon Moogle Mag Rii 01

Whe you put on the Goblin mask, they will start panicking and dancing to you!

2015-11-15 Idyllshire Dragon Moogle Mag Rii 02

Remember the Teleport-Guy from Idyllshire?

He’s now jobless and calls himself “one-time guide”. XD Poor guy, replaced by aetherites. :\

2015-11-15 Idyllshire One Time Guide

From time to time, a little Carby appears at specific spots. Also an Au Ra Lady is walking through town frequently, but I featured her in my blog already.

2015-12-09 Idyllshire Carby

There is also a nice spot in Idyllshire that looks like you’re ona hiking trip in the Alpes.

2015-08-15 Riiko Owly

The Goblet is not the most awesome place to live, apart from it’s amazing oasis flair and the beautiful pond in its very middle. ö.ö I wish the Lavender beds had a nice and accessible pond like this one!

2015-08-27 Riiko Uldah

From time to time, Chaosi shows up to show off his latest dance moves, Summoner skills or awful fashion style.

2015-12-04 Chaosi SMN

As Summoner, I myself am using the Limit Break 3 on a frequent basis.

It looks EPIC!!

2015-11-21 Mag Void Ark LB3 SMN

Actually, I’ve never used the SMN LB3 and in the pic it’s not me but Mag. >.<;;

Did you know that I’m such an awesome WHM that I obtained the BRD Relic Bow while being a White Mage?!


2015-12-04 BRD Relic Zeta

Now I can shoot with a bow while casting Holies.

(I wish!)

In our Free Company home, the top floor is like a throne room. We actually held the last officer meeting there with our leader on the throne and the officers at the table.

2015-11-16 Officer Meeting

I was glad that my designed room was actually used for what I had intended it to be used for. ö.ö

After the meeting, I quickly claimed the throne.

That was when Ryko brought me cookies.

2015-11-16 Ryko 01

I quickly gave up the throne and fed on the awesome cookies. Who needs a throne when you can have cookies!

2015-11-16 Ryko 02

Have you ever tried /gpose?

It’s a new tool developed for people like me who like to take screenshots.

Before you use it, make sure to be in a party with your friends and have everyone perfom an emote of their liking.

Then use /gpose

2015-11-18 Lacy Sis Chelci

Everyone will start the emote they used before at the same time. The background is blurred and looks cool. Also, everyone will face in the camera’s direction. Minions and Companions will do the same. The facing part will only work when in a party though.

Last but not least, I witnessed the giant dinosaur in the tiny island in Diadem once.

It was massively impressive.

2015-12-03 Diadem Danger 01

A few days later, I saw pictures of two dinosaurs on this tiny island… It looked even more impressive and I was a little jealous that I have never experienced this now that Diadem has become unpopular again. >.<;


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jameru Bacheru
    Feb 04, 2016 @ 22:27:21

    wow that group pic
    i feel nostalgia xD



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