Housing: The Mooglification

I had been gathering and crafting all ingredients needed (and that I could manufacture) in the past weeks before this project.

Now that I had started it, I needed to finish all of it. For this, I enslaved asked Trem very nicely if he could craft me all those Carpenter Specialist items while I was creating the Alchemist Dravanian Moogle trees.

2015-12-06 Moogle House 02

Step by step the new house exterior took form.

2015-12-06 Moogle House 03

And then, after hours of work, it was finally finished.

I was sooo excited!

I stood in my garden and took a farewell picture.

2015-12-06 Moogle House 04

And then, I installed the Mooglification!

2015-12-06 Moogle House 05

I could only put the whole thing in and not change any details like fences or roofs. YOu either take the whole thing or nothing.

2015-12-06 Moogle House 06

And so, my Moogle House was born.

2015-12-06 Moogle House 07

Mag and me celebrated big time and I colored it blue cause pink is so girly.

2015-12-06 Moogle House 08

Our neighbour Nez welcomed the change and enjoyed our friendly welcome to the new Moogle House.

2015-12-06 Moogle House 09

For your own future housing project, please be aware that when crafting a house design in the workshop, you need to craft the whole thing at once. You cannot create the separate parts. It all must be completed.



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