Housing: Pimp your house

It’s time to talk about houses again.

Did you know that if you put a chair (for example a tree stump) under any furniture (for example a snowman), you can sit on top of the snowman?

2015-11-02 Housing tricks 01

I upgraded the insides of my home with a huge pile of books and the Haurchefant picture. Actually Mag put that one in as we now share that house.

2015-11-10 House upgrade Haurchi Butler

Downstairs, I installed a new book-mountains and tested the new mushroom seats. They were not as great as expected.

2015-11-10 House upgrade Books Mushroom

Yes, it’s been a while since they were new… I am aware <.<;

Don’t you dare badmouth my house or items! “o_´´o

2015-11-13 Riiko House Scary

Anyway, for Christmas times I had installed a beautiful igloo at the EuroAsylum house. Was nice to sit on the cold snow house with all the green trees and the heat of the sun around you. It felt surreal.

2015-12-14 Housing Igloo

In the end, Mag and me returned to my house to say goodbye.

I had a new project.

The Mooglificatin Project.

2015-12-06 Moogle House 00

And so, the project started.

2015-12-06 Moogle House 01

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