Thavnairian Beauty

The other day, Thyla approached me after reading my post about not having the Thavnairian dress.

She was all like: “It’s not that hard to make.”

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 01

So I grabbed her and made her craft the body and headpiece.

Then, I glamoured them into my healer outfit.

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 02

Thanks to Thy I can now seduce anyone in my Thav outfit!

It works amazingly well.

First, I tested it on Leonie as she usually gives me an honest comment to my outfits.

She said, the outfit looked to hot, she couldn’t even use the keyboard anymore… ö___ö

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 03

Time to try and charm others in an exotic dance. Ley was mezmerized by my dance. Or was it thanks to the other unknown Lala who danced with me? <.<;;

Ritz and Ryko were kinda terrified and rushed away as soon as they could move again.

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 04

In the end, I strongly believe that everyone with great taste would say that I look fabulous!

At least, Mag and me look awesome when wearing the Thav outfits. (Btw, we also look awesome whenever we don’t wear them!!)

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 05

So now, I finally have the outfit. Currently, it’s used for my Scholar outfit as WHM received the looks of an epic White Mage and AST has the “I beat coil” looks.



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