Void Ark: A Diabolic Escape

The “final boss” was a very weird demon called Enchilada. I got very hungry during that fight.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 29

After we adventurers beat the demon, the Sky pirates appeared again. They had found some treasure and their goal was achieved. So was mine.

Time to leave.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 30

Or so we had planned, when suddenly…

2015-11-11 Void Ark 31

Diablos appeared! O.O;; Had I not defeated him in the Lost City of Amdapor?

Obviously not, as he was initiating some evil attack!!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 32

Suddenly, Cait Sith appeared through the gate that we had entered too earlier.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 33

He/She tol dus, we should run. Like NOW.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 34

He/she was right and we took our legs in our hands and ran for our lives.

The Sky Pirates even left the treasure behind.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 35

Just in time we managed to escape. Cait Sith took a seat in my lil airship. She was kinda dorable ö.ö

2015-11-11 Void Ark 36

That was when the Void Ark Ship shot a beam through the air.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 37

It wasn’t a normal beam. It opened a rift to the dimension of demons.

Diablos managed to secure a giant coffin from the Ark and made it vanish in the rift!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 38

Then the rift slowly closed until it was gone again.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 39

Diablos and the giant coffin were in a different dimension. Only the void Ark was left behind.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 40

But that wasn’t all. The awful lady had kidnapped our little lalafell pirate! O_O;

2015-11-11 Void Ark 41

I was about to kill them all, but the boss found a more diplomatic solution – and a way to spy on them in return. He hid a linkshell in the navigation device that was used to locate the void ark.

Anyway, the evil pirates buggered off and Cait Sith introduced herself.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 42

We returned to the boss’ cabin and discussed everything. Cait Sith was very knowledgable about dimensions and seemed to have been investigating the ark for a long time.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 43

2015-11-11 Void Ark 44

Originaly, the Ark was meant to be a sanctuary, so it seemed. But something went wrong and the voidscent demons appeared. Cait Sith had been investigating exactly that. Nobody knew what had happened.

And it didn’t help that the evil pirates were plotting something…

2015-11-11 Void Ark 45

Afterwards, I did many further excurstions to the void ark, slayed more demons that were awakening in order to keep them under control. It would be bad if those demons were let loose and could roam the realm freely, right?


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  1. Alahra Valkaire
    Jan 27, 2016 @ 16:19:50

    I’m so excited for Lost City HM in 3.2 and the next chapter of this story in 3.3! I’ve always loved Diablos.

    Also “dorable” made me squeal. :x



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