Void Ark: Battle against demons from your worst nightmares

Before we actually left to the ship of demons and treasure, I got to know the Lalafell in the Sky Pirate Team. She was the pathfinder, locator and mechanist of the team.

And she told us exactly how to locate the ship.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 15

It didn’t take long and we found the ship exactly as the Lala Pirate had described.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 16

I saw the letters “The Void Ark” written in the air when we flew through the ship. That must be its name!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 17

It was all sinister, dark and loads of evil creatures lurked around.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 18

We landed, and to my surprise, the Sky Pirates were gone. Instead, 23 adventurers stood around me to fight the evil creatures.

As usual… <.<;

2015-11-11 Void Ark 19

We fought giant sea creatures that actually didn’t need water, but floated in the air like they would in water.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 20

2015-11-11 Void Ark 21

We fought awful plant monsters!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 22

They transformed people into plants, took control over them and let them attack us adventurers! O.O;

Weirdly enough, I was not able to repose or attack them in an attempt to make them stop attacking us.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 23

The Void Ark was in no way void. It was massive. More like a giant town!

It had jump circuits that allowed us to move over obstacles.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 24

It also had a massive amount of coffins lined up everywhere.

It was very much not reassuring…

2015-11-11 Void Ark 25

We fought hard against any demon that woke up and opened his coffin! ò.ó

2015-11-11 Void Ark 26

We even defeated this awful demon of vomited poison who enjoys vomiting poison on everyone. T___T

A true nightmare.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 27

And then, we reached a gate.

A gate big enough to hide the final boss. The boss of the Ark.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 28


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