Void Ark: The Invitation to the Sky Pirates

Not only the Vanu are having trouble in the sea of Clouds.

Turns out, there are some “Yellowjackets” who are stealing and confiscating goods that the local merchants should actually receive.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 01

They were using the Yellow Jackets to steal for their own gain! o.o;

I just couldn’t let that happen. The moment I wanted to step in, a small personal airship glided down from the skies.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 02

A guy with glasses jumped out and pointed his gun at the thieves.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 03

He didn’t hesitate long and just killed the thieves! O_O;

I was shocked for a moment that he was so curel, but then I realized, I would have done the same to stop them…

2015-11-11 Void Ark 04

Anyway, that dude flew away again.

Was he like… the secret Sky Police? O.O

2015-11-11 Void Ark 05

I followed him and discovered a floating island that looked quite different than the others. It looked more like a pirate outpost… <.<;

2015-11-11 Void Ark 06

When I landed, I was welcomed by a nice lady.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 07

She lead me to her boss’ office.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 08

There was some quarrel going on inside. Some woman wanted to make business with the pirate boss but he refused.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 09

She must have been very unpleased.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 10

Like, very!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 11

When she finally left, I was let in.

Wasn’t too surprised to see the hro of justice, the shooter of the clouds,t he boss of the Sky Pirates.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 12

He welcomed me and asked me if I wanted to join his expedition.

Before I agreed, I asked for more information. Turns out, there was a giant ship lurking in the coulds around us and it was rumored that evil demons lived there.

Of course I had to check it out, so I agreed to join.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 13

As we shouldn’t lose one second, we left to conquer the giant ship!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 14

Each had their own reasons. I wanted to slay the demons – if there were any. The Sky Pirates wanted to steal the treasures – if there were any. Good reasons to team up, right!?

By the way, this is the 666th post… Nothing good can be expected from the ghost ship with such a number! X_X


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