Vanu Beastmen: All Freedom Fighters, let’s unite us… and let’s go!

One day, I was at a meeting with Linu and some other Freedom fighter. They met with some dudes from the evil Vanu Clan to ask for the release of their friends and to ask to let them live in peace!

When Vali and the other danced, enormous power was released and the evil Vanu flead in fear.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 18-2

This gave the Vanu hope and they build their chief’s hut on their island. It would honor the brother of Linu that they had freed with above described dance.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 18-3

As I had gained their immeasurable trust, thes slowly started to teach me their dance. It was called the Sundrop dance.

Even the Chief from Ok’Zundu was impressed by my performance.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 19

Soon, I was asked to teach the young Vanus how this dance works and practiced with them.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 20

After a secret ritual that I cannot speak about, I was accepted by the Vanu and was allowed to officially dance the Sundrop dance!

The next day, Linu’s Freedom fighters teamed up with the Ok’Zundu vanus to face the evil Vanu tribe.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 21

They wanted to settle things once and for all as they wanted to live in peace and no longer fear the evil Vanu tribe.

This would all be settled in a Sundrop dance.

And the evil Vanus were amazingly strong with their synched dance!

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 22

Quite easily the Freedom Vanus lost the rhythm, got scared and started to get irritated. Some started to cry in fear!

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 23

That’s when I butted in and screamed: “DANCE!!” and I started dancing in front of the Freedom fighters.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 24

“All freedom fighters, let’s unite us… and let’s GO!!”, I screamed and the freedom fighters started dancing again, more powerful and with more courage than ever before.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 25

The evil Vanu, overpowered by such vigor, ran away in fear they had never experienced before.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 26

The freedom Vanus celebrated their victory all night.

I’ve never seen them that happy and relieved before.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 27

Now, they were no longer the “Ok’Zundu Vanu tribe and the refuges” but one big group of united Freedom Vanus.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 28

To honor the victory, the Ok’Zunu Chief installed a totem on the island to honor the gods and to show Linu’s Vanus his gratitude.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 29

And me? I was really happy for them and performed the Sundropdance any chance I could get.

For example in Idyllshire with Trem.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 30

We looked super scary! Adventurers were too scared to get close to uss and made a big detour so they would not run past us too close. ò_ó

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 31

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