Vanu Beastmen: A Bunch of Cowards?!

I traveled through the Sea of Clouds when suddenly…

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 01

…I witnessed a dispute between Vanu. A petal-crowned Vanu lady was talking about breaking free from her Vanu tribe that seemed to use their people for evil thing!

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 02

But the leaders of the tribe danced the extremely menacing Vanu dance and the “freedom fighters” shivered in fear like cowards!

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 03

I had no chance but to step in.

I had to protect these giant, big, scared birdies!

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 04

When the Vanu tribe saw me, they laughed and made the biggest mistake of their lives:

They attacked me.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 05

I don’t think I have to tell you how this fight ended.

Safely, the “scared freedom fighters” were brought to Ok’Zundu, where they asked the local Vanu tribe for a place to stay.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 07

They were generously offered a small island near the Zundu camp.

Linu, the petal-crowned Vanu lady, thankfully accepted the generous offer and traveled to their new home.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 08

They started building a fireplace for cold night and set their minds on bilding their small home.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 09

Of course I would help them with all I could.

Some days I went hunting for insects.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 11

Other days, I gathered plants…

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 18

And on even other days, I battled with the evil Vanus who oppressed their people!

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 12

Linu told me, she wanted to free her friends and family as they were also strongly unhappy.

I set my mind in helping as many as possible – if they wanted my help.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 13

So over time, more and more adventurers helped the Vanu. The small island soon filled with life. This development filled Linu’s eyes with tears. She was so happy to see her loved one safe and living in peace!

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 14

One fine day, they prepared for a really big happening! They had invited the generous Vanu fron Ok’Zundu!

Of course they had to prepare their finest food and make everything look neat and tidy.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 15

The Zundu boss appreciated the warm welcome and together, they shared a gorgeous meal.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 16

The Zundu had brought a present for Linu’s Vanus: Beautiful flowers to grown on their island.

2015-11-10 VanuVanu Quest 17

And so, the Vanu lived on in peace while setting their mind in fending off their olf evil Vanu tribe. Cause they kept on attacking the free Vanu when they wer eout to hunt for food. This had to stop!


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