Riiko’s Blog Analysis: Summary of 2014 and 2015 development

Dear reader,

Thanks a lot for reading my blog!

I’m happy to share my adventures and even motivate others to try the game or start their blog. ö.ö I was really impressed when I received some tells ingame (even from total strangers, not just friends I forced to read XD), telling me how they liked my blog! It motivates me a lot.

Thank you!

Because I like figures, comparing statistics and overviews, I will share my blog statistics with you.

Now my visitor statistic 2014:

Statistics 2014-visitors

Visitor statistic 2015:

Statistics 2015-visitors

Comparison of Visitor statistics 2014-2015: 

There were 5.554 more views in 2015, totaling 20.000.

2.662 more visitors came to see my blog totaling over 9000.


This means, there were roughly 770 visitors per month.

Each visitor checked out 2,17 pages on average.

People were also commenting more! Keep it up, I like feedback and am happy to reply <3


Visitors by country in 2014 (only showing the top countries)

Top countries of my readers are USA, UK, Germany, Austria.

Statistics 2014-countries

Visitors by country in 2015 (only showing the top countries)

Top countries of my readers are USA, UK, Germany, France.

Guess I have more french than austrian readers now o.o;;

@Jaym/Lacy: Could you please read my blog more often? “o_´´o

Statistics 2015-countries

The most viewed posts and pages in 2014

Not sure why but for some reason my post of “The Life of a Glamorous Dragoon” has been visited 728 times. I know that linking this post here migth even give it more attention, but maybe someone can tell me why it’s so popular. >.< Interior Designs for Houses and Styling tips about how to look sexy seem quite popular too. I do understand why. <3

Statistics 2014-posts-pages

The most viewed posts and pages in 2015

The Glamorous Dragoon post was again visited by nearly as much visitors as last year. o.O;

I also noticed that my AST vs WHM vs SCH Healer Researches are quite often visited. Please note that they are out-of-date by now as AST was adjusted in the mean time. >.<; Thanks for reading though! I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe it helped you decide which healer to play or how to deal with each healer’s skills better. :D

Statistics 2015-posts-pages

Search Terms 2014

“party in da house” and “where did noise come from” are kinda my favorite search terms as I have really no idea how you would end up in my blog looking for those terms XD

Statistics 2014-search terms

Search Terms 2015

“lalafell sexy” is the highlight of 2015’s search terms. XD

Statistics 2015-search terms

WordPress is quite impressive. They have figured out that Wednesdays on 8am (German time = UK time +1) my blog has received the most visitors/views on average in total over my whole blogging career. Impressive! o.o; Not sure what’s so special about Wednesdays, but good to know in case I have posts that shall reach the most visitors. :D

Statistics 2016-01-13 amost popular day and hour

And in the end, I present you an overall summary of my all time blogging adventure.

Statistics 2016-01-13 all time

Weirdly enough, the most popular post with the most views in all history was on July 15, 2015. It was this post. It’s about how there shouls be a blog post but I have 20.000 screenshots to sort while exploring Heavensward.

Looking at the figures and with the hope that my blog becomes more and more popular, maybe we can reach 25.000 views and 11.000 visitors in 2016! ö.ö That would be awesome!

If you have any wishes what you would like to see or read in my blog in 2016, please comment and let me know.

Thank you,



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jameru
    Jan 17, 2016 @ 13:50:55

    I will work hard to keep up the count!



  2. Ritzin Konone
    Jan 18, 2016 @ 08:24:34

    lalafell sexy



  3. Loxie
    Jan 20, 2016 @ 17:04:08

    I can tell you why the Dragoon post was popular. People expected to see deadlings and instead they got some nakedthings. It’s been a while since I’ve been that naked…..



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