Ravana Ex: It wasn’t that hard

Last week, I mentioned winning Ravana Ex but I haven’t even talked about this yet!

So the Gnath had asked me to battle a stronger Ravana that was bugging them.

2015-07-26 Ravana Ex 01

Haha, Ravana, bugging, get it? XD (This could have been an Emper joke.)

2015-07-26 Ravana Ex 02

We had several events and practised a lot. Soon we realized that Ravana was basically just learning mechanics and when to stand where and when to do what.

2015-07-26 Ravana Ex 03

Some runs were not that successful, but of course as always I would be the hero trying to save the wipe!

Sometimes, there isn’t much I can do though T_T

2015-07-26 Ravana Ex 04

The move where we all fly and then get smashed is still hilarious. We all look like bugs who landed on their backs and are trying to get up again.

2015-07-26 Ravana Ex 05

And one run, it was suddenly time to defeat Ravana with nearly everyone alive and full health! ö___ö

We fought like experts that run.

2015-07-26 Ravana Ex 06

Ravana vanished like a total loser! ò_óV

2015-07-26 Ravana Ex 07

In the end, Mag obtained the Ravana Summoner Book!

While I was a little jealous, I was very happy for him. Especially since it was a better book than he already had. For my Summoner, it would only have been a glamour upgrade. XD Gratz, Maggi <3<3

2015-07-26 Ravana Ex 08

This time, Thy was right.  It really wasn’t that hard.

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